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Joining the Apple iOS Developer Program . 5 . Creating the iOS App User Interface. Building and Running an iOS 7 App in Xcode 5. . Address Book UI Framework (AddressUI. framework). Identifying Gestures using iOS 7 Gesture Recognizers.
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Was Apple's Cards service discontinued? Care and Protection 2. What is the best way to clean the iPhone screen? How can I get insurance for my Apple iPhone? CarPlay 2. What cars will have CarPlay? When will CarPlay be available? Clips 1. How do I delete a video from the Clips app on iPhone? Contacts 2. How can I add a custom label to iPhone contact numbers? Continuity 2. Why won't Handoff work on my iPhone? How do I disable Handoff on my iPhone? Control Center 4. How do I turn on low power mode in the Control Center?

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Development 5. How do I become an iOS app developer? What are the standard gestures in iOS? What size are iOS app home screen icons? Do Not Disturb 3. How do I use Do Not Disturb shortcuts? Don't Starve 2. How do I open coconuts in Don't Starve: Shipwrecked? How do I set a trap in Don't Starve: Shipwrecked? Downgrade 9. How can I downgrade from iOS 8. How can I downgrade from iOS 7. How can I downgrade my iPhone firmware from iOS 4. How can I downgrade my iPhone firmware from iOS 4 to 3. How can i downgrade from iTunes 9?

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How do I disable contextual predictions on my iPhone? How do I delete an image in the Messages app on my iPhone? How do I forward an image someone texted me? How can I mark all iOS Mail messages as read? How can I delete all iOS Mail messages? How can I move all iOS Mail messages to a folder?

How do I add an attachment to an email in iOS 9? How do I fix a stuck voice text in the Messages app? How do I filter spam messages on my iPhone? How do I save audio messages on my iPhone? How do I disable audio text messages on my iPhone? How do I add a signature to my iPhone emails? How do I change the skin tone of an emoji on my iPhone? How can I stop a text message thread from jumping to the bottom when a new text comes?

How can I change the From address when sending iOS mail? Why does it say "Unable to move message to trash" when I try to delete an email in iOS 8? Why do I get two message threads for one group message in iOS 8? How do I send a voice text in iOS 8? How do I send an email to an iPhone contact group?

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How can I remove myself from a group message in iOS? What is the iMessage video length limit? How to fix the iMessage read receipts bug in iOS 7? Can I setup push Hotmail on the iPhone? How can I see the time stamp of a text message on my iPhone? How do I report iMessage spam to Apple? Will the iPhone notify me with alerts when I receive a new email?

Can I change the email notification sound on my iPhone? How can I email a photo from my iPhone? How can I email multiple photos from my iPhone? What is the iPhone group messaging setting in iOS 4? Can I connect to my Hotmail account on the iPhone? What determines the email address that photos and web site links come from? Is there a way to delete multiple or all messages at a time? How can I forward a SMS text message? How can I send a SMS text message to multiple recipients? How can I read my Gmail on my iPhone? Will instant messaging be available on the iPhone?

What special email functions will the iPhone have? ESPN 1. Ethereum 2. Evoland 2 2. What is the password to escape prison in Evoland 2? How do I sneak by the guards in Evoland 2? Face ID 3. How do I disable Face ID? Facebook How do I put Facebook into dark mode on iPhone? How do I 'Unsnooze' someone on Facebook? How do I Snooze someone on Facebook? Will a person be notified if I use the Snooze option on Facebook?

How can I send Facebook messages on my iPhone? Why did my Facebook messages disappear? How do I turn off auto-playing videos on Facebook? How do I make free phone calls with my iPhone using Facebook? FaceTime 9. How do I block someone from FaceTiming me? How do I disable FaceTime on my iPhone? Can I make a FaceTime audio call to a landline? How can I see FaceTime data usage on the iPhone? How much data does FaceTime audio calling use? How can I make an audio-only FaceTime call? Can I use FaceTime over cellular data?

How much data does FaceTime video calling use on the iPhone? Files 1. How do I add third-party files to the Files app on my iOS device? Flipboard 2. How do I share Flipboard articles, photos and videos with my friends and family? Force Touch 1. What is Force Touch? General How do I add a folder to my iPhone or iPad dock? How do I move multiple icons at once on my Home Screen? What is the blue dot next to apps on my iOS home screen? What is the white cloud next to apps on my iOS home screen?

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How do I save an email attachment directly to my iCloud Drive? What is the maximum file size allowed on iCloud Drive? What are the minimum requirements to use iCloud Drive? How do I delete sticker packs from my iPhone? Why can't I access the Stickers I downloaded in the Messages app? How do I remove Stickers from my Messages on iPhone? How do I add Stickers to message bubbles on my iPhone? How do I add sticker packs to my Messages app?

Instagram 8. How do I delete my Instagram account? How do I filter comments on my Instagram posts? How do I save somebody's post on Instagram? How do I see posts that I have liked on Instagram? How do I block somebody on Instagram? How do I remove a follower on Instagram?

How do I make my Instagram posts private? How do I use Instagram stickers?


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Internet and Browsing 7. How do you search a web page for words or text with iOS 9? How can I scroll in a text box on the iPhone? How can I search for or find text within a web page on the iPhone? Does the iPhone support bookmarklets? Does the iPhone support Flash? Does the iPhone support Java? Does the iPhone support Javascript? How do I turn on automatic updates for iOS? How can I stop my iPhone from asking me to install iOS updates? What iPhone models support iOS 10? How do I prioritize app updates? How do I disable the clicking sound when I put my iPhone to sleep? Where is the Game Center app?

Where is the Today view in iOS 10?

Android for iOS Developers: Java™ Edition 2018

Where are my widgets in iOS 10 Notification Center? How do I disable the Raise to Wake feature on my iPhone? How do I restore the slide to unlock option on my iPhone? Can I slide to unlock iOS 10? Where is the lock screen camera button in iOS 10?

Gesture Deceleration - Gesture Recognizers in IOS 12, Xcode 10, and Swift 4.2

Where is Define in iOS 10? How do I reinstall stock Apple apps after I delete them? Is it safe to remove stock apps from my iPhone? What is the iOS 10 release date? How do I turn on call auto-answer on iPhone? What is Apple Business Chat? How do I turn on Persistent Notifications? How do I use the magnifier in iOS 11?

Why can't I download the iOS 11 public beta? What devices support iOS 11? When is the iOS 11 release date? When is the iOS 12 release date? What devices support iOS 12? When is the iOS 13 release date? Can I install iOS 13 on my iPhone? Where is the camera button on my iPhone iOS 5 lock screen?

Where is the iPod app icon in iOS 5? How can I put the Newsstand app in a folder? How do I get my iPhone to send messages using iMessage? How do I setup iMessage? What devices are getting the iOS 5 upgrade from Apple? Will messages sent via iMessage use up my text messages? What is iMessage? What is the iOS 5 release date? How can I change the flyover view angle in Apple maps? How do I reply with a message when declining a call? What is the iOS 6 release date? How do I turn off background app refresh in iOS 7?

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How do I create a folder in iOS 7? How can I turn off the app zoom animation in iOS 7? How can I turn off translucency effects in iOS 7? Where is the Safari.

Navigation menu

Can I delete all text messages in iOS 7 Messages? How can I restore full names in iOS 7 Messages? How do I lock rotation with iOS 7? How do I add a new contact from recent calls in iOS 7? How do I add a new contact from Messages in iOS 7? Where is the Safari search bar in iOS 7? Where is the weather widget in iOS 7 Notification Center? How do I access Spotlight search in iOS 7? Where can I download iOS 7 wallpaper backgrounds? When is the iOS 7 release date? How do I turn on Wi-Fi calling on my iPhone? When is the iOS 8. How do I get rid of the face bubbles in my App Switcher on the iPhone?

How do I set swipe actions for email in iOS 8? How do I open multiple emails at the same time in iOS 8? How do I make DuckDuckGo my default search engine?

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How can I change my iPhone display to black and white in iOS 8? How do I leave a group text or silence the notifications? Can I upgrade my iPhone to iOS 8 if it is jailbroken? How much is iOS 8? How can I jailbreak iOS 8? What is continuity and "Handoff" in iOS 8? What are the 24 new dictation languages in iOS 8? When is the iOS 8 release date? Can I still make and receive calls and send texts while in Low Power Mode? Are there any design changes in iOS 9? When will the iOS 9 Public Beta be available? How big will the iOS 9 update be? When is the iOS 9 release date?

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Retrieved August 6, September 11, Baig, Edward C. Retrieved June 28, IPad Forums. Retrieved November 4, Kravets, David July 26, Retrieved December 13, Copyright Office. July 27, Retrieved August 21, Apple was seemingly inspired by f. Compared to the jailbreak community, Apple was incredibly late in adopting the ingenious feature that allows you to wake your iPhone simply by picking the device up without the need to press any buttons. Without a doubt, a system-wide dark theme for the iPhone is at the top of many users' wish lists, and Apple finally introduced a variation of it in iOS 11, dubbed Smart Invert.

This feature gives you the ability to apply a system-wide dark theme on your iPhone for a less bright appearance. Unlike the previous " Classic Invert " option, Smart Invert doesn't reverse specific elements within the system like images, media, and some apps that already feature a dark theme. Unfortunately, Smart Invert is still far from a true dark mode, as it still completely inverts the colors on many apps and distorts their appearance.

As such, Apple's Smart Invert feature is still no match to long available jailbreak tweaks like LaughingQuoll's Noctis since iOS 9 and Guillermo Moran's Eclipse since at least iOS 7 , both of which gave your jailbroken iPhone a true system-wide dark theme that wouldn't affect the appearance of any third party apps. So if you truly want to get your hands on "dark mode," jailbreaking your device if it can be jailbroken at all is your only option until Apple finally introduces a real dark mode.

Apple introduced " Low Power Mode " in iOS 9 to give us more control over power consumption, which disables features like background app refresh and other running services, animated wallpapers, and more. Not only that but enabling Low Power Mode will throttle performance and minimize brightness, so we get the most out of our batteries in a pinch.

Thanks to the BattSaver tweak by Xvolks, jailbreakers had an efficient battery management app available long before Low Power Mode touched down. With the tweak, which has been around since at least iOS 5, you had full control over your iPhone's battery and could set custom profiles that automatically kicked in when specific criteria were met, such as disabling cellular data when connected to Wi-Fi or after the battery reached a certain a certain level. Besides being a highly efficient battery manager, the BattSaver tweak has long given jailbreakers the ability to track battery usage and overall performance thanks to a detailed summary page, which highlights numerous elements such as charge cycles, temperature, current capacity, and more.

Apple didn't officially introduce a detailed battery analysis page until iOS It's hard to imagine, but there was a time when the clock icon on your iPhone's home screen was set in stone, only being correct twice every 24 hours. To remedy this, Ryan Petrich came up with the Live Clock tweak to give jailbreakers an accurate reading simply by looking at the Clock icon — starting in iPhone OS 2 yes, before it was called iOS.

Apple must've been inspired by this shining example of attention to detail, as they implemented the feature on iOS 7. As mentioned earlier, a true, full-on dark theme doesn't officially exist on the iPhone apart from Smart Invert. Oddly enough, however, the Clock app received a dark mode treatment from Apple on iOS 10 and left out the rest of the UI. Again, it's worth mentioning that the same feature was available since at least iOS 7 on jailbroken devices, with the added bonus of a system-wide dark theme, thanks to the Eclipse tweak.

Prior to iOS 7, the only option to update apps was to open the App Store and either update them individually or in one go by hitting "Update All. The jailbreak community, however, had automatic app updating functionality available on their modded iPhones before iOS 7's official release. The card-based app switcher feature that we know and love took on its familiar form back when Apple released iOS 7. Before that, you would still double-click the Home button, but a small bar would appear with the app icons inside it. To close apps in iOS 6 and earlier , you'd have to long-press an app icon in the bar, then tap the minus button on the wiggling app.

The overhauled app switcher, however, has proven to be far more intuitive, with a preview of the last page you were on in the app instead of just an app icon. Closing running apps is just a swipe up on the card. Incredibly, this feature seems to have been derived from the Dash jailbreak tweak from SBCoders, which also employed a similar card-based switcher mode back in iOS 6. Third-party widgets have been available for the iPhone since iOS 8, but before that, it was just a few Apple widgets you could view, like stocks and weather. There were also tweaks like Bulletin by Ma Jun that just made the Notification Center and its tiny amount of widgets accessible on the lock screen.

Apple implemented enhance multitasking in iOS 9 with a subtle feature that provides shortcuts like "Back to Safari" or "Back to Messages" in the top left of the screen to more easily go back to a previous app without the need to go into app switcher mode. The feature, in essence, kicks in anytime you tap on a link within one app such as Safari, then opens up on a separate app like YouTube, where you can jump back to Safari easily with one tap.

Impressively, the jailbreak community was well ahead of the curve in this regard, thanks to Lance Fetters' LastApp tweak which provided the same deep linking functionality to jailbroken iPhones, and supported devices that stretch back to iOS 3. The Settings app on the iPhone can be a confusing maze of options, especially as you delve deeper into the app to look for hidden settings like Smart Invert and Magnifier. Thankfully, Apple addressed this issue with iOS 9 and made the Settings app more accessible with the inclusion of a search function within the app itself. Now, you can easily find a specific setting simply by inputting it in the search bar.

If you have a jailbroken iPhone, chances are you already had this feature. The aptly titled SearchSettings tweak by Ryan Petrich allowed jailbroken iOS 7 users to easily search the contents of the Settings app before its official arrival to the iOS platform. For the longest time, one of the biggest gripes with iOS was its inability to remove native apps like Mail, Music, and Stocks.

Lumping seldom used apps into a folder to declutter the home screen was the only way back in the day. Thankfully, the ability to delete stock apps was finally introduced with iOS If you had a jailbroken iPhone, however, you were well ahead of a majority of iPhone owners in this regard.

Though you weren't able to remove stock apps outright, you had the ability to hide them from your iPhone's Home screen as far back as iOS 5 using tweaks like Springtomize , HideMeX , AppHide , and Poof , to name just a few. The arrival of the iPhone X and the slew of Side button gestures that came with it complicated this matter, however, so Apple introduced an option to turn off your device baked into iOS 11's settings.

Of course, the jailbreak community has long had this feature available to them courtesy of jailbreak tweaks like SBSettings which gave you a power off toggle within the tweak's Control Center-like page. Of course, Apple did have AssistiveTouch , where you could select "Device" then long-press the "Lock Screen" option to bring up the power slider, but who did that? One of the best features to finally arrive with iOS 11 was the ability to record your iPhone's screen via a button found within Control Center. Granted, it's not the sexiest feature, but it did finally do away with the inconvenient method of connecting to a Mac and using its QuickTime app.

If your iPhone was jailbroken, you had numerous jailbreak tweaks to record your screen long before iOS Besides that, there's also the more recent CCRecord by Cole Cabral that adds a toggle to Control Center for recording your screen on the go. The iPhone's volume HUD has always been far from ideal, due to the obstructive volume window that appears in the middle of the display whenever you set your device's volume.

With iOS 11, the iPhone's venerable Notes app got a makeover, and among the slew of new features that were implemented was the ability to pin important notes for quicker access. Before this feature officially made its way to the Apple ecosystem, however, the jailbreak community already had a tweak available by way of Frozen Penguin, which served the same exact purpose in iOS Dubbed Thumbtack , the tweak also gave you the ability rearrange pinned notes to the top of the app based on importance, a small feature that we hope Apple will adopt in time.

Apple is well known for including subtle but incredibly useful changes whenever a new iOS version touches down, and iOS 11 was no exception. One of the under-advertised features to officially make its way to the iPhone was the ability to move home screen icons in bulk though multi-finger gestures for faster app icon management. Unfortunately, Apple came pretty late in incorporating this feature into iOS, as the jailbreak community already had a pretty well-established tweak that provided the same functionality.

You can store, sort, and share important files more efficiently compared to having to rely on different apps and services to the same tasks. As great as this feature is, however, it pales in comparison to its jailbreak counterpart, especially since it's mostly a cloud file manager. The iFile tweak by Carsten Heinelt is perhaps one of the most famous jailbreak mods out there. Not only did it give you the ability to browse through your iPhone's folders for important files to easily manage and share, it gave you root access to your device, which enabled you to delve into the darkest recesses of your iPhone's systems to access files like user daemons, language packs, and more.

There was a major revamp to the iPhone's UI in iOS 7, and one of the most distinctive changes was applied to the signal strength indicator, which Apple turned from bars to dots that consumed more space on the status bar. Naturally, the jailbreak community was quick to pounce on this and came up with tweaks like Bars by Pheonix to revert back to the bars they've grown used to. Apple must've gotten the memo when all was said and done, as it officially switched back to the traditional signal bars with iOS Control Center iOS 7 Since its introduction in iOS 7 , the Control Center that we've all grown accustomed to can be accessed with a simple swipe up from the bottom of the screen it's now a swipe down from top-right if you have an iPhone with Face ID.

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